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Reiki, Reiki, Reiki......

But before we got to this photo........we started with our first Reiki Session

Written November 2019

I had no clue what reiki was before I had my first session.

There are various reasons that would lead someone to try reiki. Releasing stagnant energy or relationships (all kinds), energy is low, shift energetic blockages, shift habits, heal wounds, etc. I was led to reiki via an “allergic” reaction to a protein bar.

I LOVE snacks. As a graduate student at the time, my on-campus job had a wonderful snack cabinet (aka free .99 snacks). However, I also have a host of food allergies that prevent me from eating cupcakes, doughnuts, certain chips etc. This time, they had protein bars that were free of any allergy causing foods, so I ate them with joy and contentment. This bit me in the ass when I began to experience an itchy tongue and my throat started to swell and tighten. This sent me to the ER a total of two times and one urgent care visit. I was stunned because this bar (as advertised) didn’t have anything that could cause a reaction like this.

Because we love balance in everything we do, I visited my naturopathic doctor to gain more insight into this “allergic” reaction.

For context, this doctor diagnosed me with a gluten allergy and lactose intolerance back when I was in 4th or 5th grade……before gluten free this and that became trendy. Imagine going to a damn party at Chuck-E-Cheese at 10 years old and everyone is having fun with pizza and I’m eating SALAD.

So, Dr. K asked me a number of questions about how it happened, for how long, any dietary changes etc. and I answered all with full confidence. I knew my body! As she continued the exam, she asked if I had recently experienced any significant changes in my life and if I had any past history of abandonment. Well, that gagged the f**k out of me.

This wasn’t therapy. I was here about this damn protein bar sending me to the E.R. Like pleaseeee stay focused.

She was right though; I had experienced a major shift. In my second year as a graduate student and first full year on staff in the graduate school’s admissions department, five people (two were my supervisors) left within a five-month span. This left a huge hole in the department and tanked the morale of everyone who was still present. I was the only one left in my department and that terrified me. Here I was, still a student who now has to manage her own time, meet with prospective students, put on a smiling face for them and the adults that stepped in to provide me with “ work support” and attend to the other facets of my life. You’d think a social work program would have stepped in to provide a little more emotional support…. anyway.

I mentally processed the change and loss. I knew they were no longer physically present. I allowed myself time to grieve, but this experience tap danced on the surface of all of my grief. Grieving this professional loss and the personal losses over my life that I may not have attended to in the ways they truly needed to be heard and seen. The weight of the dancer’s heel on the surface created a fissure that I wasn’t aware was letting anything out.

I was shocked by her ability to tap into my energy in such a way that not only picked up on what I had not processed but also the challenges that lurked beneath. She recommended that I work with another practitioner who specialized in TRE (Tension or Trauma Reduction Exercises) and energy work. I had no clue what these things were, but I was excited and open to this experience.

My first reiki session was with a Black womxn. She maintained her practice in an office in the same location as the naturopathic doctor, so she wasn’t a stranger, we had just never held extensive conversation. Upon arrival, I was greeted and brought to a private room with a massage table, chairs, a desk and two bookshelves full of books and natural remedies. I was asked to sit on the table, and we discussed at length what brought me in to see her (e.g., the removing of the energy and addressing the other emotional challenges). She was very attentive, asked open-ended questions, actively listened and held loving space for me to share my story. She shared with me that I could experience tingling, coldness, warmth, unexpected bodily movement (e.g., coughing, sneezing, limb movement), crying, during and after the reiki session. She asked if I had any questions before we began. She offered a blanket in the event I got cold and guided me through a brief breathing exercise and began.

The experience was life changing. I was extremely cold. I felt myself lift out of my body. I was in a very deep meditative space; I probably fell asleep. But this was more than sleep (let’s get woo woo here).

First, I felt the cold. It was as if I was in Mr. Freeze’s ice bodysuit. A capsule of cold if you will. I definitely felt myself separate or come out of my body and sit in a middle space between my physical body and the ether. Then I fell deeper into a meditative state and was transported to a desert space. It was vast, warm, windy and dusty. It felt familiar but I didn’t know its exact location. I wasn’t sure of the time because the sky was the color of different parts of the day. At one layer it was sunrise, mid-day, dusk, then looking up the sky was midnight blue with stars glittering the sky.

In the distance, I saw the body of an INCREDIBLY tall person. They glided as they moved, and the ground vibrated beneath my feet with each step they took. Their body was muscular and lean. Hair in dreadlocks that ran down their back and slithered behind them like a train. They glittered in gold and mixed textured fabrics and metals. They walked with a very tall staff or walking stick that stood taller than them. Once we were face to face (well not really cause I’m short as hell), he kneeled down to meet me. I felt an undulation of calm and safety with this person. We walked silently towards some wicker chairs that sat off in the distance.

I wish I could remember specifics of the conversation, but it was centered around journeying on this healing path. They looked at me with a glint in their eye, smiled and chuckled in their booming voice and said, “you don’t know what you are getting yourself into.” It wasn’t a threat or a scare tactic. They clearly knew something I didn’t, and I was okay with that. Because of the smile, chuckle, calm that came from them. We continued to sit and look at the sky finally shift into the midnight blue be speckled with stars.

Once out of the session, I was left feeling as if something was pulled off and out of me. I was exhausted after. We spoke about the messages that came up and she provided after care suggested activities (e.g. journaling, water, eating grounding foods, and RESTING).

I had a huge purge of emotion after the session. I drank tons of water, stayed in the house (because I couldn’t stop the crying) and RESTED. My skin looked dull and ashy.

Two days later, it was as if I experienced a resurrection (or what I’d think it to be). Wherever I went, I was told how radiant my skin looked, how bright my eyes looked, how light my energy felt. I was a whole new woman. I became hooked to reiki and dove into my spiritual journey with this as my number one tool. I learned about energy work, herbs, the chakra system, crystal healing, archangels and other tools and methodologies. My world, behaviors, perspective and awareness shifted, and reiki brought me in deeper communion with my body, mind and spirit.

It felt soooo good here. It felt so good that in 2019 I received a reiki level 1 certification to do this work on my own and empower myself to take charge of my healing. I could do reiki anytime and anyplace.

I’d recommend reiki for anyone and for anything. Reiki kickstarted my spiritual journey and for that I am grateful.

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