meet our ceo

& lead practioner 


Evan McCrary

Evan McCrary is a certified energy healing practitioner from Pasadena, CA whose passions for community, emotional wellbeing and background in social work have led her on a journey to become a lead practitioner in the journey for healing women of color. 


Evan's process of coming into her authentic self has led to the establishment of 1010 Healing Center, her transformational practice that champions and supports other women in their healing processes. It was through a personal experience of loss in October 2018 that a paradigm shift happened for Evan’s soul calling. After experimenting with tarot card readings, spiritual mentors, energy healing (e.g. reiki and chakra balancing), prayer, and numerology, she was met with the number 10 -- the number that signifies endings that lead to significant change and newness. It was with this cathartic moment that she decided to dedicate her life to the healing of other women of color who needed a safe space to turn to relatable, ancestral, and effective healing modalities that induce transformation. 


She began 1010 Healing as an epicenter for feminine death and rebirth. Sexual empowerment, shadow work, and modalities that get to the core of depth of experience all resonate with Evan and permeate her work as she focuses on transmuting trauma into personal power. Through a combination of vulnerable conversation, therapy, and energy healing modalities, 1010 Healing Center is where women of color can feel comfortable "taking off their cool" - to get raw, open, and connect with their true selves. 


When Evan is not using her skills to hold healing space for women of color, she spends her time in joy practicing yoga, sparking invigorating conversation, pole dancing, reading, and journaling.