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1010 Healing Center is an epicenter of modalities for feminine healing and reconstruction. 


It was born in October 2018 when Lead Practitioner and CEO Evan McCrary was reborn out of the fire of her own experience, dealing with painful loss and grief. The cathartic moment brought her to the number 10 - a number of joy, celebration, abundance, or prosperity or exhaustion, burdens, martyrdom or painful endings.... endings that lead to significant change and newness. Endings born out of reaching that final moment before you surrender to the unknown or the void. From there, immersing herself in spiritual exploration through tarot cards, spiritual mentors, energy healing (e.g. reiki and chakra balancing), prayer, and numerology, she knew she birthed a passion to become a vessel for the quest of freedom and authenticity. 


1010 Healing is an epicenter for feminine death and rebirth. Sexual empowerment, shadow work, and modalities that get to the core of depth of experience all resonate with Evan and permeate her work as she focuses on transmuting trauma into personal power. Through a combination of vulnerable conversation, therapy, and energy healing modalities, 1010 Healing Center is where women of color can feel comfortable "taking off their cool" - to get raw, open, and connect with their true selves, and become the most authentic and powerful being they were created to be. 1010 Healing Center is here to guide those that are at that tipping point of change and to hold space and assist in their transformative


You are the expert and magician of your healing journey.


This is Why We Do What We Do

C. Cabrerra
T. Johnson
 J. Gilyard

Evan's energy was so welcoming during the opening of my Akashic Record. As a first timer, I didn't know what to expect. She was reassuring and quickly made me feel at ease. Read More

This was my first experience with Reiki healing and I must say, Evan’s practice was the most comforting presence. Evan is calm, open, and...  

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I received both Reiki and an Akashic Records reading from Evan, and I recommend her to anyone who will listen. To put it succinctly, Evan is a Healer, so if that is what you are looking for...

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